Senai Desaru Highway is now open! [9 Photos]

17 Jun

Senai-Desaru, June’11; After wafting couple years, the Senai to Desaru highway is finally opened for public. It’s now free toll charge from Pasir Gudang to Desaru.

– 73 KM or 40 minutes drive from Senai to Desaru. Saves more than half of traveling time!



– Touch n Go or Smart Tag is recommended. Because there will be massive congestion during the weekend at the manual payment counter.


– The R&R (rest area) in Layang. There are toilets, restaurants, petrol station and Surau in it. Very convenient.



Important notes:

– There are different speed limit warning.

1. Senai-Pasir Gudang (Cahaya Baru) = 110 km/h

2. Pasir Gudang (Cahaya Baru) – Desaru = 90km/h, 70km/h & 50km/h, depends on the location. It’s single lane way from Pasir Gudang to Desaru (Penawar). And to be reminded ‘U-turn’ is not allowed along the highway.

 IMG_2618 IMG_2631



– While driving in Senai-Desaru highway, enjoy the scenery around.

IMG_2642 IMG_2670



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