“SUPER LOL” Signboards Around Johor Bahru [36 Photos]

1 Oct

1. Choose your home shower outside please [Masai]20110907_092958


2. Please No Smoking, No Pets…., and No PORK [Sg. Rengit]P1020637


3. We are not selling LV bags, but we are LV Optics [TUTA]20110911_155031


4. Come in if you think U Comel [TUTA]20110911_155207


5. Rawatan Dadah? [TUTA]20110911_160602



6. A Robot that will help the shop owner take care the shop 24/7 [TUTA]20110911_164038


7. Siu Yeh (少爷) .. means “Master” correct? [TUTA]20110911_164120



8. Restoran Dinding… (brick wall)? [TUTA]20110911_164441



9. Mskin, some read it as MISKIN (Poor) [TUTA]20110911_170439



10. Kakak [Taman Sri Tebrau]20110912_091623



11. Giordano should be a men’s or women’s wear right? [Tmn Sri Tebrau]20110912_093646



12. IDD call is up side down… [City Square]20110912_094349



13. I Love Broadband [Tmn Molek]20110912_110357



14. Pakatan Gembira [Tmn Molek]20110912_111141


15. Hai-Wan (Haiwan?) Restaurant [Bkt Indah]20110913_165719



16. Weapon’s security… but I didn’t see any [Nusajaya]20110915_163732



17. “Pls Come Again”… we are not ready for business today [Gelang Patah]20110915_173739



18. I think the correct one is “Pembinaan Di Hadapan” [JB City]P1000853



19. Pusat Tuisyen Jadi Pandai…. Guarantee? [Tmn Daya]<a href=”http:


2 Responses to ““SUPER LOL” Signboards Around Johor Bahru [36 Photos]”

  1. Jman October 7, 2011 at 10:06 am #

    Pic #10 and #11 are actually in Tmn Tebrau Jaya. Tmn Sri Tebrau is after Jalan Serampang. But nice photos.

    • Super 325 October 9, 2011 at 2:01 pm #


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