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Experiencing Highest 3G Speed Near UTM Skudai

13 Oct

As my previous record, the highest 3G speed are at 7.2Mbps. Surprisingly today, it’s reaches 12Mbps download and 2.63Mbps Upload. FAST!

(tested using high speed HSPA+ modem, Huawei UMG1831)


Maxis 3G


U-Mobile (not a bad result as well)


SUPER Discovery: Johor Baru Car Wash Street [19 Photos, More than 22 Car Wash]

19 Sep

Did you know? There are more than 22 car wash in Jalan Dato Abdullah Tahir in Johor Bahru.

Located nearby New York Hotel in JB, or as known as “Car Wash Street” by Singaporean. All these car wash is fully owned by local Malaysian and operated by foreign workers. Their main customers were Singaporean. Let’s discover more about this street in JB.

New York HotelP1010347

Their pricing are standard, they are competing on servicesP1010354

313 Car WashP1010344

786 Car WashP1010348

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Yes 4G Speed Test near Johor Jaya / Molek

25 Apr

Johor Jaya / Molek, April’11: Yes 4G speed at Mcd Pandan, near Johor Jaya and Taman Molek. Download speed reach 15Mbps.


Yes 4G coming to Johor, 4G Speed test at Johor Bahru

17 Apr

Bukit Indah, April’11: Yes 4G has arrived Johor since they launched last year. Sadly, there is no Yes 4G retails outlet in Johor. Super325 Johor managed to get the “hundle” by Yes 4G provider in Johor itself. Yes it’s Johor! Believe me.

The 4G speed is extreeeemly fast at the full coverage area. It can reach up to 15Mbps!!! This speed is actually can’t beat by other’s broadband like Streamyx, Maxis, Celcom, Digi, P1 and even Unify!!

Watch the Youtube video by Super325johor and it’s real! Tested at Mcd Taman Bukit Indah. (See the AEON Bukit Indah in the video as well)

For Maxis, Streamyx, Singapore, U-Mobile and Mcd speedtest, please search “super325johor” in youtube for more details.