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Most LOUSY RoadWorks Outside Taman Bukit Indah [8 Photos]

1 Dec

Johor Bahru, Nov’11

Just to share, this road work is the “most LOUSY” in Johor! I think they are quite new to the project, they just keep “Korek-tampal-korek”, it took more than 2 weeks, but still nothing. Resulted in bad jam .


Location Map

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Signage Under Perling Interchange has been REMOVED [5 Photos]

23 Nov

Tampoi / Perling, 23.11.11;

The ‘most stupid’ signage under Perling-Pasir Gudang Interchange has been removed finally.


But what about those gold color items? Where are they missing? (Click continue reading for details. )

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Jalan Tampoi Project; Do They Need 5 Years to Complete? Serious? [9 Photos]

21 Oct

Jalan Tampoi, 20 Oct’;

I think 5 years is too much….! Do you think they really need that long? Judge yourself.

Map Location


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SUPER-Pid: CAR Wash Charges According to Car’s Sizes [1 Photo]

16 Oct

super325 found this car wash somewhere in Taman Tun Aminah Skudai.

Based on their “Services Menu”, it’s very complicated to verify what is the Small (S) cars, Medium (M) cars and Large (L) cars… very confusing.

Maybe it can be:

S –Size = kancil/kelisa/Smart-2?   [RM8.00]

M-Size = Saga/Vios/Myvi?  [RM10.00???, will you go?]

L-Size = Waja/Perdana/Altis/Civic/Camry?  [RM12 – RM15… will you??]

(For your information, most of car washes in JB are charging according to car type, eg: normal car = RM8, MPV = RM12 / or RM10)


SUPER-pid: HOW COME The Polis Diraja Malaysia Logo Allows To Paste On This Car? [3 Photos]

23 Sep

Discover this car on the road to Singapore, the driver is not a policeman, how come he allows to paste the Polis Diraja Malaysia Logo on his car plate? (I just wondering how this can be allowed?…)




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