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SUPER PHOTO Sharing: Fifteen Impressive Photos of Johor Bahru City [15 Photos]

17 Nov

Sharing 15 most inspiring photo of Johor Bahru City (part-1).  Click READ MORE” for details.

1. Bangunan Sultan Ibrahim


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East Dispersal Link (EDL) Project Update [27 Photos]

20 Oct

Johor Bahru, 19 Oct 2011; Update about EDL highway. Total 27 Photos

Previous post: EDL Highway Pasir Gudang


the V-joint at Kampung Bakar Batu

the tunnel exit end at JB CIQ


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the Jam in Johor checkpoint finally resolved!

13 Jun

The recently happened congested in Johor checkpoint and Tuas second link finally resolved! It was the great initiatives taken by Immigration Department in Malaysia.

First, they (Immigration) will randomly pick and scan fingerprint via biometric system. Secondly, they will also provide a sticker and attach it in the passport, so that it will expedite the clearance next time.

Well done!

2011-06-13 09.49.12

2011-06-13 09.49.22