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Signage Under Perling Interchange has been REMOVED [5 Photos]

23 Nov

Tampoi / Perling, 23.11.11;

The ‘most stupid’ signage under Perling-Pasir Gudang Interchange has been removed finally.


But what about those gold color items? Where are they missing? (Click continue reading for details. )

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SUPER PHOTO Sharing: Fifteen Impressive Photos of Johor Bahru City [15 Photos]

17 Nov

Sharing 15 most inspiring photo of Johor Bahru City (part-1).  Click READ MORE” for details.

1. Bangunan Sultan Ibrahim


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Traffic Police Blocking @ Perling-PasirGudang Interchange In The Evening [4 Photos]

19 Sep

Taman Perling, 19 Sept;

Who make the traffic jam at Perling interchange?

– Traffic Police Blocking? or

– reckless driver who cuts queue?

Anyway, please beware of this while drive in the PasirGudang-Perling interchange.



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SUPER “Brainless” Billboard of MBJB! [2 Photos]

19 Sep

Johor Bahru / Perling, Sept’11;

Most of us already know this billboard was placed in the incorrect position. I think no one can see it clearly.  This can be considered as “super-brainless” and money wasting projects.