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Johor Bahru IS SAFE! [9 Photos, 1 Video]

26 Sep

Johor Bahru, Sept’11;

As in the previous post, there are articles saying Johor is not safe. Let me share my story here with photos.

Actually there are still many people claiming Johor Bahru is a Cowboy Town, whoever came to JB will be robe, snatch or car breaking.

For me; as non-Johor born and resided in Johor more than 10 years . I have noticed there are huge improvement in JB. Both government agency and police force were putting their effort in solving most of the criminal issues.




More than 30 CCTVs were built in the cityP1020287P1020286





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SUPER-pid: HOW COME The Polis Diraja Malaysia Logo Allows To Paste On This Car? [3 Photos]

23 Sep

Discover this car on the road to Singapore, the driver is not a policeman, how come he allows to paste the Polis Diraja Malaysia Logo on his car plate? (I just wondering how this can be allowed?…)




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“Scratch & Win” Scam in JB Has Been Controlled

16 Sep

Johor Bahru, Sept’11;

As shared in the previous post, there are “Scratch and Win” scams in the Johor Bahru City that targeting Singaporean and oldies.

As today, the management is placing some buntings and 3 policeman in the area and have a full control of the situation. Now everyone is worry-FREE!

Read also: http://super325.com/2011/08/26/beware-of-scratch-win-scam-in-jb-city-squre/



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WAW!!!: Ten (10) Police Attending A Car Accident in Bukit Indah [2 Photos]

5 Sep

Bukit Indah, Sept ‘11;


WAW (What A Waste)!!!! Ten (10) Police Attending Car Accident in Bukit Indah. Believe it or not?! There are total 10 policeman attended a car accident in Taman Bukit Indah about 6:50pm

Actually I am not sure what is really happened to this accident, but is it the 10 police too many?


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Johor Update: Lower Crime Rate now. It’s true!!!?

13 Feb

Source: The Star newspaper, 12 Feb 2011.