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BEWARE of “Scratch & Win” SCAM Around JB City Square [5 Photos]

2 Oct

Johor Bahru, Oct’11;

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Beware of “Scratch & Win” Scam in JB City Squre

26 Aug

Johor Bahru, August; It sound like ENDLESS issue in JB; the scratch and win comes back again!

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Scratch & Win Scam in JB

Please help to Share: beware of scratch & win in JB city

22 Apr


In JB,  please always avoid those scratch and win activities.  They will usually ask you either to scratch,  tear,  donations or maybe ask for some opinions for survey. Please don’t be a nice guy or sympathy or maybe greedy to win something.  This is actually a tactic to get you into a trap and finally you get nothing by spending thousands ringgit. 
Thanks to JB city square for putting up the bunting.