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TUTA Bus Stop is improving, GREAT Initiative by MPJBT! [7 Photos]

28 Nov

Johor Bahru/Skudai, 28 Nov’11;

On our last post on “ MPJBT’s Initiative? Building Up A New Bus Stop At Taman Tun Aminah. What About Others?!?” .

MPJBT has taken a step to improve their messy bus stop near ESSO station at Taman Ungku Tun Aminah (TUTA).  Well done!


Photo: Cleaning and painting works is on going


Photo: Beforeimg_13051

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MPJBT’s Initiative? Building Up A New Bus Stop At Taman Tun Aminah. What About Others?!?[19 Photos]

8 Nov

Most of of might already know, MPJBT is constructing a new bus stop near SK Kuo Kuong at Tama Tun Aminah Skudai.

But what is the main point building up the new bus stop while others were leave with rubbish?


Photo: A bus stop next to ESSO Station opposite the currant on-construction bus stop.

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SUPER-Pid: CAR Wash Charges According to Car’s Sizes [1 Photo]

16 Oct

super325 found this car wash somewhere in Taman Tun Aminah Skudai.

Based on their “Services Menu”, it’s very complicated to verify what is the Small (S) cars, Medium (M) cars and Large (L) cars… very confusing.

Maybe it can be:

S –Size = kancil/kelisa/Smart-2?   [RM8.00]

M-Size = Saga/Vios/Myvi?  [RM10.00???, will you go?]

L-Size = Waja/Perdana/Altis/Civic/Camry?  [RM12 – RM15… will you??]

(For your information, most of car washes in JB are charging according to car type, eg: normal car = RM8, MPV = RM12 / or RM10)


One More Mcd Drive Thru in JB Soon [4 Photos]

10 Oct

TUTA, Johor Bahru. 9/10/11;

Another Mcd Drive Thru coming to TUTA Skudai, next to Plaza Tasek.

Location Map

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“SUPER LOL” Signboards Around Johor Bahru [36 Photos]

1 Oct

1. Choose your home shower outside please [Masai]20110907_092958


2. Please No Smoking, No Pets…., and No PORK [Sg. Rengit]P1020637

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