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SUPER-pid: HOW COME The Polis Diraja Malaysia Logo Allows To Paste On This Car? [3 Photos]

23 Sep

Discover this car on the road to Singapore, the driver is not a policeman, how come he allows to paste the Polis Diraja Malaysia Logo on his car plate? (I just wondering how this can be allowed?…)




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“Scratch & Win” Scam in JB Has Been Controlled

16 Sep

Johor Bahru, Sept’11;

As shared in the previous post, there are “Scratch and Win” scams in the Johor Bahru City that targeting Singaporean and oldies.

As today, the management is placing some buntings and 3 policeman in the area and have a full control of the situation. Now everyone is worry-FREE!

Read also: http://super325.com/2011/08/26/beware-of-scratch-win-scam-in-jb-city-squre/



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Johor Update: Lower Crime Rate now. It’s true!!!?

13 Feb

Source: The Star newspaper, 12 Feb 2011.