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MEGA Project at Tanjung Langsat [22 Photos]

11 Sep

Pasir Gudang / Tg. Langsat, Sept;

Update about the on-going projects in Tanjung Langsat. This area will becomes a South East Asia Largest Oil Refinery-Hub Industry Park in 5 years time.

Map Location: http://maps.google.com/maps?q=loc:1.44362,104.00065 



http://maps.google.com/maps?q=loc:1.44362,104.00065  tg langsat 2



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Johor Bahru to Pasir Gudang EDL Highway Progress. More Development 2012! [Total 15 Photos]

8 Sep

Johor Bahru / Pasir Gudang, Sept’11;

A major upgrade of the Johor Bahru direct to Pasir Gudang Coastal Highway is reported more than 85% completed. This 150 million freshly built Coastal Highway estimated to be completed in Feb/March 2012.


Click to EnlargePG Permas


The Permas Jaya Bridge will be in “twin” once the Coastal Highway is ready!P1010583P1010582


This Johor Bahru – Pasir Gudang Coastal Highway were: ….


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Tanjung Langsat Heavy Industrial Park–Pasir Gudang [9 Photos]

25 Apr

Pasir Gudang, April’11: Tanjung Langsat is another heavy industrial park initiated by Johor state government. Most of the petroleum and chemical industrial are located there. More are coming!

New Picture

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